Coloured Gemstones Design

Calla Lily puts the wearer at the centre of the design process. Our inspiration is you – your story, your dreams, and your ideas.

We help you find the right gems for the right occasion, then bring out the best in them through our designs.

Celebrating You

A piece of fine jewellery should be an extension of your personality and passion, a celebration of what makes you unique.

We take the time to get to know you, and then draw on both expertise and imagination to make you the perfect piece.

Celebrating Love

For many, fine jewellery often marks precious moments – an engagement, a wedding or the birth of a child, even your parents’ anniversary.

At Calla Lily, we seek to capture those feelings in unique keepsakes, and create pieces that celebrate all facets of love.

Celebrating Difference

Calla Lily delights in beauty in all its shapes and forms, and starts with the premise that there are no hard and fast rules.

We dare to be bold and have fun, and celebrate the whimsical and extraordinary. The result: unique and unexpected designs.

Our Gems

From Brazil and Columbia to Tanzania and Myanmar, we source gems of the highest clarity and intensity, faceted by the finest cutters. We stock a rich variety of gemstones in just about any shade you can imagine.

These include highly sought after royal blue sapphires, neon-orange mandarin garnets, vivid-green emeralds, deep-blue and mint tourmalines, and pink morganites.

Choosing A Gemstone

Finding that perfect gemstone is like rediscovering an old friend – you feel a sense of familiarity, like someone you’ve known forever. The perfect match.

We’ll support you on your quest for the ideal gem, whether from our collection or further afield. When you find it, you’ll know it was always meant to be yours.