Malaia Garnet Studs with Multi-Gem Wands


42mm X 25mm

18K rose gold Earring Studs with Malaia Garnets (octagon cut, 2pcs, 4.71cts)

18K yellow gold Detachable Wands with pink Sapphires (baguette cut, 2pcs, 0.39cts), Aquamarines (baguette cut, 4pcs, 0.49cts) and Diamonds (fancy colour, round brilliant, 14pcs, 0.62cts; baguette cut, 2pcs, 0.13cts)

Multi-Gem wands of Pink Sapphires, Aquamarines and Diamonds, swing from Malaia Garnet studs. These modular pieces can be interchanged with our other studs, dangles, and drops to suit different moods.

“Swinging from stars, carrying moonbeams in a jar”.

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