Mother-of-Pearl Fan Earrings with Mandarin Garnet Drops


A mix of yellow and white 18K gold

Mother-of-Pearl Earring Studs (12.7mm X 14.6mm) with:
Yellow Sapphires (round brilliant, 8pcs, 0.22cts)
Diamonds (baguette cut, 10pcs, 0.36cts)
Diamonds (round brilliant, 2pcs, 0.03cts)

Mandarin Garnet Earring Pendants with:
Mandarin Garnets (pear cut, 2pcs, 2.99cts)
Diamonds (baguette cut, 2pcs, 0.06cts)
Diamonds (round brilliant, 24pcs, 0.07cts)

Like radiating sunlight, Mother-of-Pearl fan earring studs are matched with detachable juicy orange Mandarin Garnets. The piece can be worn two ways, with the Garnet pendants worn frontside or turned around to admire the Diamonds and floral detailing.

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