Custom Elegance: The Rising Trend of Bespoke Engagement Rings

Custom Elegance: The Rising Trend of Bespoke Engagement Rings

Our entire foundation revolves around uniqueness: this is unquestionably a pivotal part of Calla Lily. But especially when it comes to engagement rings, we put our hearts and souls into designing one-of-a kind pieces. You see, beauty alone is not enough. Our promise to our brides is nothing less than what they deserve and crave: originality and excellence.

Why is Bespoke jewellery in Vogue?

First and foremost, let’s clarify that there’s nothing inherently amiss with a classic, simple, and timeless design. If this is your heart’s desire, it’s what you should undoubtedly pursue. This article doesn’t aim to discourage anyone from appreciating the merit and value of tradition. Instead, its purpose is to illuminate the advantages of considering an alternative approach.

Personalisation isn’t merely a fleeting “trend,” but a profound concept that transcends time. Its demand has surged remarkably over recent years, and in 2023, “customisation” has firmly woven itself into the fabric of jewellery choices. This trend signifies a shift where rings are no longer mere adornments; they encapsulate magnificent stones and carry narratives that justify each design decision. This movement is propelled by the growing inclination towards rings that resonate with a distinct peculiarity, truly embodying the wearer’s essence.

As jewellers, we ardently pursue excellence and innovation within our craft. Observing shifts in behavioural and fashion consumption is innate to our journey. What we can convey is that the current market gravitates towards jewels that are more than accessories – they are seamless extensions of personal style. Each piece serves as a language, communicating not just beauty but also the individuality of its wearer.

A regal-looking custom sapphire ring.

A regal-looking custom sapphire ring.

In addition to enhancing the “interest factor,” this trend also signifies a recognition that our consumption patterns are evolving towards a more positive trajectory. In the current landscape, customers are placing a premium on quality over quantity like never before.

But does unconventional surpass the allure of the classical?

Cookie-cutter designs have no place in our philosophy. Even if your heart yearns for an ageless and straightforward piece, be assured that it will be treated with the utmost significance. Every creation we craft is intentionally infused with meaning, carrying subtle hints of your personality.

As previously stated, traditional engagement rings are far from waning; their enduring appeal is unwavering. However, a notable portion of proposals is veering towards slightly more adventurous choices, fostering an ascent in entirely distinct styles.

While we celebrate those who seek extraordinary rings, we steadfastly advocate for practicality. Thankfully, these attributes need not stand in opposition; our pride lies in producing both stunning and exclusive pieces designed to stand the test of time, wearable for a lifetime and on any given day.

Whether exuberantly bold or quietly elegant, myriad avenues exist for making a statement. Ultimately, it hinges upon the meticulous details that weave the jewel into a coherent whole, resonating harmoniously with its wearer.

I want to create my own bespoke ring, where do I start?

If you’re new to the world of custom jewellery, let us be your guide on this exciting journey.

Start by collecting ideas that resonate with you. Browse magazines, online galleries, and even your personal experiences to gather inspiration. This initial step sets the foundation for your one-of-a-kind design.

Reflect on your personal preferences. Are you drawn to classic elegance, modern minimalism, or intricate detailing? Clarifying your style preferences shapes the trajectory of your design.

Some couples get involved in the creative process together, at least for the first meeting with us. But that’s not always the case. If you’re after a surprise proposal that’s a great idea too! This initial meeting is where the magic begins. Through conversations and observations, we aim to understand your dreams and personality so we can create the perfect ring for you.

If you’re customising a “surprise ring” for your partner, consider bringing along images of her in a variety of places and situations. This will enable us to discern her dressing style, fashion inclinations, colour preferences, and we’ll engage in discussions to delve deeper into her personality traits.

Emily, the founder and creative director of Calla Lily, is hands-on with every creation. She finds the first conversation very revealing – a way to decode your personal style and preferences. The elegance comes from finding the right balance and contrasts.

Our clients often enjoy the freedom of making decisions at the start. You’ll visit our studio in Singapore, where you’ll discover a stunning collection of colourful gemstones. We’ll sketch design ideas and play around with different gold colours, or consider platinum or even titanium and finishes that match your character and uniqueness. This moment is not just about discovering yourself but also celebrating a new chapter in your life. And yes, having fun is a must!

To us, jewellery is about how beautiful gemstones and thoughtful designs can evoke emotions.

In the end, it’s all about you. Your unique story guides us. We’re honoured to create a symbol of your love and commitment as you start this new journey together.

Bespoke ring with yellow sapphire and malaia garnet, sprinkled with scintillating opals and diamonds.

Bespoke ring with yellow sapphire and malaia garnet, sprinkled with scintillating opals and diamonds.

What is a good budget for a custom engagement ring?

Crafting a bespoke engagement ring is a momentous endeavour, where every element is thoughtfully selected to reflect your unique story. At our fine jewellery atelier, we exclusively work with natural, exquisite gemstones and premium metals like 18k gold, platinum, and titanium. The result? Timeless pieces of exceptional quality that stand as symbols of enduring love.

When it comes to budgeting for your custom creation, several factors influence the investment required. Here are some key considerations to help guide your decision:

Gemstone Choice: The type, size, and quality of the gemstone significantly affect the cost. Natural gemstones exhibit varying price ranges.

Metal: The choice of metal – 18k gold, platinum, or titanium – influences the overall cost. Each metal has its distinct characteristics and price points, allowing you to tailor your selection according to your preferences and financial considerations.

Design Complexity: Elaborate designs involving intricate details, unique settings, and complex engravings might require more craftsmanship and labour, impacting the final cost.

Ring Size: Larger ring sizes might necessitate more materials, contributing to the overall budget.

Considering our expertise and commitment to delivering impeccable quality, a budget in the range of SGD 5,000 to 10,000 aligns with the creation of our custom engagement rings. This range encompasses a variety of gemstone choices, metal options, and design intricacies, allowing you to craft a ring that perfectly resonates with your vision and resources. If your budget is lower, we’ll do our best to find gemstones and designs that fit. And if you have more to spend, we can explore rarer gem options and create more elaborate designs. Your budget sets the tone, helping us create a ring that’s both beautiful and affordable for you.

We understand that your engagement ring is an embodiment of your emotions and commitment. Our goal is to guide you through this journey, ensuring that the creation process and budget harmoniously culminate in a ring that represents your love story flawlessly.

Our very unique alexandrite engagement ring design.

Our very unique alexandrite engagement ring design.

Often, we delve into the material aspects when discussing the value of jewellery. However, when you commission a bespoke piece, you’re seeking not just quality, but also uniqueness and innovation, aren’t you? And rightfully so. Yet, what tends to be overlooked is that these intangible elements – creativity, expertise, and inventiveness – come with their own price.

At our studio, we’ve noticed that clients aren’t merely seeking beauty; they’re envisioning a piece with enduring appeal. That’s precisely where our journey begins. Crafting each design with longevity in mind, our team invests countless hours in refining concepts, devising robust plans, creating technical sketches, and even crafting prototypes. In essence, this is no small task; it demands exceptional resourcefulness, seasoned skills, and boundless imagination.

Ultimately, what you’re investing in is more than just a physical item. You’re acquiring a slice of the designer’s thoughts, creativity, and experience. In the grand scheme, the value isn’t solely in the materials but in the exquisite fusion of the designer’s essence with your envisioned masterpiece.

Do I need to pick a specific ring style?

Narrative weaves the fabric of our engagement rings, ensuring no detail is left to chance. Every choice, from the hues of the palette to the precision of cuts, is a product of meticulous consideration.

What draws us to “Bespoke” is its realm of boundless imagination—a realm beyond the constraints of logic. Here, fantasy and freedom converge, birthing pieces that resonate profoundly. At Calla Lily, we take immense pride in our reputation as pioneers of this visionary path.

Consider this: while a style exists for everyone, there might be an unexplored avenue awaiting your discovery. Trust is the cornerstone of our collaboration, and we unfailingly present optimal solutions. Our goal is to inch you closer to the masterpiece your heart envisions. If the realm of pre-existing designs eludes your certainty, rest assured. Our task is to decipher your input and translate it into an exquisite reality, eliminating any uncertainty on your part.

But can you still show me some examples?


To begin, we have the timeless single-stone rings. Simplicity often holds its allure for a reason—this style remains evergreen. For these rings, the round brilliant or oval cuts tend to be popular choices. You might contemplate enhancing the elegance by adding a radiant halo to encircle the central gem.

Custom opal engagement ring with diamond halo.

Custom opal engagement ring with diamond halo.

While these options will always remain beloved, we’re observing a distinct surge in the fascination for multi-stone rings. This style entails a captivating interplay of diverse-cut side stones flanking a central coloured gem, enabling a realm of personal expression.

Bespoke multi-gem engagement ring

Bespoke multi-gem engagement ring.

Next, we delve into vintage-inspired creations that encapsulate the elegance and charm of bygone eras, reimagined with a contemporary touch. The result? The amalgamation of timeless aesthetics and wearable comfort. Consider these pieces as not mere reproductions; each design is inherently singular. While drawing from past influences and iconic motifs, your end product will unquestionably be an embodiment of uniqueness.

Tsavorite custom engagement ring

Vintage styled, art-deco tsavorite custom engagement ring with diamonds.

Finally, we arrive at the realm of the “out of the ordinary” – an entirely distinctive, fluid, and organic category that stands on its own. It may very well pave the way for a new genre altogether. Here, the allure of personalisation truly shines. These alternative styles encompass an array of cuts, colours, and designs, driven by the aspiration for individuality. These profoundly conceptual creations usher in a new era, emerging as the embodiment of “new age classics.” They excel in conveying the depths of emotion and encapsulating the unparalleled essence of relationships.

Bespoke paraiba and water opal ring

Bespoke water opal earrings with paraiba centre, moonstones and soft blue sapphires. A unique piece with varying shapes, designed for the paraiba colour to shine off the water opals.

Bespoke isn’t a novel notion; it has been a prominent player in the jewellery arena for quite some time. It’s safe to assert that custom jewellery has solidified its permanence. Undoubtedly, it stands as the most impactful method of infusing profound meaning into your pieces. From concealed engravings conveying intimate messages to birthstones commemorating special bonds, the avenues for personalisation are boundless. Together, we transcend limits, whether crafting whimsical fantasies or embracing understated sophistication. The paramount element lies in its exclusivity, an embodiment of your distinctive identity.