Emeralds: emblematic green gemstones

Emeralds: emblematic green gemstones

The glorious glistening green of emerald is one of nature’s most magnificent creations. They date back all the way to the Renaissance age of philosophy. Aristotle, for one, remarked that they held extraordinary significance. He believed in their ability to enhance feelings and emotions of peacefulness and calmness; besides promoting prosperity and strength.

Above, in the cover picture, is a special bespoke gemstone ring we made, featuring a 6.20cts Muzo Colombian emerald, flanked by fancy-cut diamonds. Muzo is the region where these very intense green emeralds originate from, their saturation of colour and lively crystals are very rare and highly sought after.

custom emerald gemstone earring

A bespoke pair of elegant emerald earrings.

There are, in fact, an astonishing number of legends and stories surrounding this majestic crystal. One of them states that Cleopatra would gift important visitors with a tiny sculpture of her face carved into an Emerald.

emerald gemstone earrings with diamonds

Specially designed emerald earrings with diamonds.

Once the preferred gemstone of Indian royalty, they have adorned the crowns of kings and queens in the past and been used as powerful talismans by fabled historical figures such as Alexander the Great. To this date, they remain a symbol of elegance and are often spotted on red carpets. Who could forget the 115-carat Lorraine Schwartz earrings worn by Angelina Jolie to the Academy Awards in 2009?

115-carat Lorraine Schwartz earrings worn by Angelina Jolie to the Academy Awards in 2009

115-carat Lorraine Schwartz emerald earrings worn by Angelina Jolie to the Academy Awards in 2009. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Whether adorned with diamonds, hugged by contrasting metals or suspended by a shiny counterpart. Allow your creativity to run free! The possibilities are endless: play around with a rainbow of coloured gemstones, with different shapes and proportions to show off your personality! After all, your individuality deserves being celebrated.

custom gemstone earrings composed of emeralds, diamonds and paraibas

An incredible custom-made pair of earrings composed of emeralds, diamonds and paraibas.

Onto some facts about the composition of Emeralds

Emeralds are a variety of a mineral species named beryl.  There are other green beryls as well, so to be classified as an emerald the gemstone must display a specific intensity of green tone and saturation.

muzo green emerald gemstone earrings

Colombian Muzo green emerald pairs for earrings. Incredibly rich in tone and saturation, with exceptionally lively crystals, Muzo emeralds are highly prized among gemstones.

Emeralds rank between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness; which is considered good toughness, only slightly lower than sapphires. If properly cared for, a quality emerald will last for generations.

Fantastic Gemstone Jewellery Creations

There is a very exact sort of balance we seek to achieve in every Calla Lily creation that comes out of our studio. Some gems pairings are nothing short of sublime: when two or more stones are placed together and impose no competition whatsoever, but rather harmonically bring out the best of the other. That is a very important indication of a successful piece!

bespoke stack gemstone ring

Beautiful colour composition with our bespoke stack rings featuring a central emerald, set with an aquamarine, tanzanite and mother-of-pearl.

For example, you may observe the sheer dazzling magic unfold right before your eyes, when a regal emerald is perfectly complemented by adjacent shiny diamonds. It is almost as if the sparkle on both is completely amplified right?

And a very similar outcome emerges from the marry up of emeralds with delicate yellow sapphires. Pure poetical bliss!

custom emerald gemstone earrings with yellow sapphires and diamonds

Custom-made emerald earrings with yellow sapphires and diamonds.

bespoke emerald gemstone ring with diamonds

Bespoke emerald ring with diamonds.

Variations of emerald’s lush greens evoke feelings of regeneration and new growth. From vivid, deep shades to softer hues, their colours signal composure and sophistication.

 intricate bespoke gemstone ring

Many hidden details in this very intricate piece.

Emerald are symbols of rebirth, and traditionally an iconic choice to celebrate a 20th-anniversary.

bespoke emerald gemstone engagement ring

Beautifully cut, pear-shaped emerald, perfect for a specially made bespoke engagement ring.

Emeralds are also referred to as the stone of “inspiration and eternal patience”: a perfect selection to encourage the right qualities for a relationship between partners. We can absolutely see why so many couples are drawn to emeralds when creating their custom made engagement rings with us.