Interchangeable and Modular: truly unique jewellery pieces

Interchangeable and Modular: truly unique jewellery pieces

Calla Lily’s Essence and Origins

Exploring the heart of our brand, Calla Lily, is vital to understanding the unique blend of personalisation and luxury we offer in the world of fine jewellery. Unlike traditional views that align fine jewellery primarily with its financial worth, our perspective dives deeper, intertwining each piece’s value with the intimate meanings and stories shared between the creator and the wearer.

The genesis of Calla Lily is intertwined with the journey of our founder, Emily, whose life has been a tapestry of creative pursuits. Emily’s passion for weaving stories into her creations led her from the realms of couture footwear and costume jewellery to the enduring world of fine bespoke jewellery. Her motivation? Crafting pieces that are not just beautiful but also enduring.

Emily’s approach to jewellery design is distinct and thoughtful. She infuses every creation with her signature style – a blend of classic elegance and playful whimsy. More importantly, she has a unique talent for capturing and reflecting the personalities of her clients within their chosen pieces. This approach has established Calla Lily not just as a brand, but as a personal storyteller in the world of luxury jewellery.

Bespoke Ruby earrings that may be worn as multiple-length brooches

Bespoke Ruby earrings that may be worn as multiple-length brooches

Calla Lily is Emily’s first independent brand since she strode onto Singapore’s artistic scene a decade ago following intervals with internationally renowned designers like Jimmy Choo Couture and Kara Ross New York. Emerging from Emily’s own innovative spirit, today, we’re known for our distinctively playful design signature. Many of our pieces can be made modular, so you can adapt them to various occasions, or combine with other pieces to create new looks. Our collection lends itself to even more creativity, since they may also be paired with our custom-made jewellery for a refreshing change.

Welcome to our Studio

Welcome into our enchanted world of bright gemstones and imaginative designs. In the midst of the vibrant area of Tiong Bahru in central Singapore lies a well-kept haven. Beyond art-deco doors, you’ll discover the wonders of Calla Lily’s atelier. Our team waits to greet new visitors and returning customers with tea and treats to discuss their dreams and visions. We will show you around our mesmerising collection of fantastically hued gemstones. We’ll play around with metals, finishes, and colour palettes that resonate with your personality. We often like to say our bespoke process is a “co-creation,” as we find most of our clients enjoy freedom and genuinely have a great time making the initial decisions with us. This special moment is both a unique journey of self-discovery and a celebration.

From Calla Lily’s Collection: our tousled ribbon earrings

From Calla Lily’s Collection: our tousled ribbon earrings


With a colourful gemstone dangle

With a colourful gemstone dangle. Jewellery is certainly about having fun!

Creating Modern Day Classics

While we salute people wanting out-of-the-ordinary jewels, we will forever advocate for the need for practicality. Fortuitously, they are not mutually exclusive, and we pride ourselves on delivering striking and exclusive pieces that are made to last a lifetime and wearable on a daily basis. Essentially, it comes down to the thoughtful minutiae of what resonates with the wearer. Our simple goal as jewellers is to unlock key elements to what would bring you most joy; even if you yourself can’t quite point that out.

Alexandrite modular ring with jacket

Bespoke alexandrite ring with separate jacket. The embodiment of “uniqueness”.

At Calla Lily, the essence of our craft lies in the subtle art of noticing the minutiae – those small, defining details that guide us in accurately capturing and reflecting your unique personality through our jewellery designs. This process involves a deep study of how various artistic elements resonate uniquely with each individual. It’s a journey of discovery, where we continuously learn and adapt to ensure that every piece we create speaks to the individuality of its wearer.

The heart of Calla Lily rests firmly on personalisation. Our commitment to this principle is embodied in our innovative modular ensembles. These designs aren’t just about aesthetic appeal; they’re about flexibility, allowing for endless innovation and the exploration of new possibilities within our creative universe.

We understand, however, that the intricate process of creating a bespoke jewel might not always align with every client’s needs or timelines. Sometimes, the necessity for an immediate, yet still personalised, solution arises. That’s where our boutique collection comes into play.

Our playful and inventive style infuses each piece in our boutique, offering you the versatility to adapt your jewellery to different moments and aspects of your life. Striving to make our creations as customisable as possible, we offer an array of choices, ensuring that even our ready-to-wear pieces carry the unique essence of Calla Lily – where every jewel tells a story.

Ear Jackets and Dangles

In the world of fine jewellery, stud earrings might appear diminutive, but their impact is anything but small. At Calla Lily, we understand that even the simplest pair of studs can elevate an entire ensemble, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

To add a dash of flair to your beloved essentials, consider accessorising them with our range of ear jackets and dangles. These versatile additions can effortlessly turn your classic studs into statement pieces, offering an easy and effective way to diversify your look. Our Go To accessories are designed to provide endless possibilities, allowing you to play with your favourite studs in new and exciting ways.

Imagine studs adorned with sparkling diamonds, encased in contrasting metals, or complemented by shiny counterparts. The control is in your hands to mix and match. Experiment with a spectrum of coloured gemstones, various shapes, and proportions, all to showcase your unique personality.

Whether you choose from the latest models in our boutique or opt for a custom-designed piece, a well-crafted ear jacket is an essential item for any jewellery enthusiast. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a tool for self-expression and creativity, a must-have in the repertoire of anyone who appreciates the art of fine jewellery.

Maximising Personalisation

At Calla Lily, we’ve turned the concept of jewellery into an art form of transformation and versatility. Our creations are not just pieces of adornment; they are chameleons in the realm of fine jewellery. A ring in our collection isn’t merely a ring, and a necklace is more than a simple strand; each is a testament to the fusion of boundless imagination and exquisite artisanship.

Picture this: a ring from our range, elegantly transforming into a pendant, offering the versatility to adapt its form to your mood or occasion. Or envision earrings that can be rearranged, their length and shape morphing to fit your desires. These modular designs are not just about aesthetic appeal; they’re emotional vessels, transforming gemstones into unique keepsakes that resonate with personal stories and memories.

Calla Lily’s convertible jewels are designed to mirror the multifaceted nature of our clients. By weaving various styles into a single piece, these jewels effortlessly match the wearer’s personality and lifestyle, offering a seamless blend of functionality and beauty. They stand as symbols of our dedication to creating jewellery that’s not only wearable but also wonderfully transformative.

Wonderful Tanzanite: with or without a diamond halo, asa pendant or as a ring!

Wonderful Tanzanite: with or without a diamond halo, asa pendant or as a ring!

Calla Lily is at the forefront of a jewellery revolution, redefining the concept of custom-made with our focus on modular and detachable designs. Our pieces are crafted with built-in versatility, allowing you to seamlessly transition between various events and styles at a moment’s notice. This isn’t just about having options; it’s about having smart, adaptable options that resonate with your lifestyle and needs.

Imagine the ease and creativity: with a few simple gestures, you can reposition a clasp, deconstruct and reassemble a piece into an entirely new form, or switch the colors of your studs to match your mood. This level of flexibility and innovation is what sets our jewellery apart.

At Calla Lily, we believe transformable jewellery is more than a trend; it’s a new paradigm in personalisation and style. Our collections emphasise sophisticated mechanisms and intricate designs, not just for their aesthetic appeal, but for their ability to offer multifunctional, effortlessly chic, and versatile solutions. This focus on transformability is reshaping what it means to invest in custom-made jewellery, offering a dynamic and ever-evolving experience to our clients.

Paraiba Tourmalines showcasing theirsplendour as a pendant and as a ring

Paraiba Tourmalines showcasing theirsplendour as a pendant and as a ring

Playing with shapes

At Calla Lily, we delve deep into the psychology of design, where colour and, crucially, “shape” are pivotal elements in our creative process. Each shape incorporated into our jewellery is a deliberate choice, aimed at evoking specific emotions and messages.

Consider the impact of geometric shapes: with their steady lines and right angles, they evoke a sense of reliability and security. These shapes appeal to individuals who value stability and consistency. If you’re drawn to these designs, it might reflect your appreciation for steadfast relationships and your own attributes of being analytical, perseverant, and organised.

On the other hand, abstract shapes tell a different story. If you find yourself captivated by fluid, non-geometric forms, it’s indicative of a creative and intuitive spirit. Such preferences suggest that you’re a person who leans towards emotion-driven responses and conceptual thinking. Abstract shapes resonate more with visual cues and intuition, rather than rigid facts.

At Calla Lily, we recognise that individual preferences in form and shape are crucial in creating meaningful and resonant jewellery. This understanding has inspired us to experiment with combinations of shapes, acknowledging the complexity and multifaceted nature of our clients. We believe that just as individuals are drawn to different paths and behaviours in life, their jewellery should also reflect this diversity and flexibility. By exploring various shape combinations, we aim to tell multiple stories through each piece, adding layers of meaning and enjoyment to the experience of wearing Calla Lily jewellery.

Bespoke modular tsavorite earrings with jackets and dangles

Bespoke modular tsavorite earrings with jackets and dangles

At Calla Lily, our devotion to providing a canvas for experimentation and innovation is at the heart of our philosophy. This is precisely why we cherish the opportunity to offer you the freedom to explore and craft entirely new forms through our modular, detachable, and convertible designs. We understand that jewellery is not just an accessory; it’s an extension of your personality, a medium through which you can express your individuality and creativity.

By embracing the concept of transformable jewellery, we empower you to become the co-creator of your own style. Whether it’s reimagining a necklace into a brooch, transforming a pair of earrings, or experimenting with different combinations of elements, our pieces are designed to adapt to your changing moods, occasions, and preferences.

This approach to design reflects our belief that the true beauty of jewellery lies in its ability to evolve with you, to tell your story in myriad ways, and to echo the multifaceted nature of who you are. At Calla Lily, we’re not just crafting jewellery; we’re crafting experiences, memories, and a deeply personal means of self-expression.

The Symphony of Artistry at Calla Lily: Where Creativity Meets Excellence

At Calla Lily, jewellery is not just an adornment; it’s a language of gestures, significance, and beauty. Our creations are a testament to this belief, where the amalgamation of shapes, colours, and lengths transcends mere aesthetics. We see each piece as a dialogue of design, where every element, from the selection of stones to the precision of design choices, contributes to a harmonious symphony.

Our commitment to craftsmanship and creativity shapes every aspect of our work. In the Calla Lily universe, we consistently push the boundaries of conventional jewellery design, infusing each piece with a blend of unexpected sophistication and spectacular artistry. Our two foundational pillars—excellence and creativity—are evident in the way we blend mastery with beauty, and audacity with craftsmanship.

Every creation is brought to life with a balance of glamorous conceptualisation and meticulous technique. Our interchangeable pieces, which we refer to as “instant luxury,” embody this philosophy. They are not just easy and versatile; they are impactful, owing to the complex engineering behind their design.

Our Copacabana earrings: sophistication and fun!

Our Copacabana earrings: sophistication and fun!

We like to think of our intricate, modular ensembles as a form of escapism, a way to transcend the ordinary and enter a realm of imagination and splendor. Jewellery, in the hands of Calla Lily, becomes an antidote to the mundane, a portal to the most fantastic realms conceivable. It’s not just about wearing a piece of jewellery; it’s about experiencing a piece of art that speaks to and elevates the soul.