Last breath of Spring: enchanting pieces of jewellery to mark the end of a season & celebrate new beginnings

Last breath of Spring: enchanting pieces of jewellery to mark the end of a season & celebrate new beginnings

It’s mid-morning in our Singapore-based studio, and we can feel a shift in the air. As the season slowly transitions from blooming trees and subtle breezes into sunshine drenched days, we can’t help paying homage to spring. Scroll through for a glimpse of some of our flowery wonders!

The Garden City:

Singapore offers endless sources of inspiration for Calla Lily’s whimsical jewellery. Bustling with numerous green spaces, you can spot foliage reaching the very top of buildings, freely growing on terraces and inside houses and offices. The result of a successful plan to combine architecture and vegetation; recognised all over the world as the ‘Singapore, garden-city’ project.

HSBC Rain Vortex Singapore

HSBC Rain Vortex, the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. Located at the heart of the Jewel Changi Airport.

Ever encouraged by our surroundings, fauna and flora are more often than not, at the root of our creative process.

Vivid Pink Tourmaline Ring with Pink Spinels, Sapphires and Diamonds

Tailor-made vivid pink tourmaline oval floral ring

From the sinuous curves and delicate shapes of flowers to the elegant movement of birds and butterflies as they take flight…

Mother-of-Pearl Butterfly Earrings

At the end of each bespoke journey, their beauty is encapsulated in a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery to be treasured for a lifetime.

Bespoke Emerald Ring with Tanzanite and Aquamarine Jacket

Bespoke emerald ring, with a butterfly ring jacket featuring tanzanites and aquamarines set with mother-of-pearl

The magic of our custom-made designs:

You need only imagine. We’ll do the rest!

Green Tourmaline Ring Design

Creative Process: green tourmaline set against our hand-drawn ring design

We’ll combine the finest gemstones and excellent craftsmanship to turn your dreams into reality.

Bespoke Pink Spinel ring with Mother-of-Pearl and Diamonds

A Pink Floral Creation: bespoke pink spinel ring with mother-of-pearl and diamonds

Welcoming a new season

As enthralling and captivating Spring may be – a new season is always exciting, serving as a reminder to seize the moment and embrace change. Who knows what beautiful stories are awaiting us next?

Bespoke Golden Leaves Ring with Yellow Diamonds

Personalised and custom-made golden leaves ring with yellow diamonds

Here’s what we do know: we’ll be here to turn your new adventures into magnificent keepsakes made with precious coloured gemstones and your own memories.

Bespoke Tourmaline Carving Earrings with Red Spinels, Merelani Mint Garnets, and Mother-of-Pearl

Bespoke flower tourmaline carving earrings with red spinels, merelani mint garnets, and mother-of-pearl