Mother of Pearl: a miraculous underwater creation

Mother of Pearl: a miraculous underwater creation

Mother of Pearl is the colloquial name given to the iridescent substance that forms the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs. This beautiful shimmering material is very popular in all kinds of jewellery and many other art forms. Like pearls, it’s an organic component, meaning that it comes from a living creature, plant or organism. But how does mother of pearl differ from the gemstone itself?

A Bespoke creation containing both Pearls and Mother of Pearl:

Well, mother of pearl is in fact nacre. While a Pearl, is constituted out of layers of it. The oyster continues to form multiple layers of this substance, secreting it around the foreign particle (say, a grain of sand, for example) and in due time, a pearl is born.

Pearl Earrings

Mother of Pearl accentuates the centre Pearls

Although a pearl’s outer coating is made out of nacre, they still differ from Mother of pearl. Nature’s brilliance in this formation is no ordinary feat. It may take years to form a pearl, and not all molluscs contain the necessary qualities to start this fantastic process.

Pink Sapphire ring with mother of pearl stack ring

A Pink Sapphire elevated by the adjoining Mother of Pearl Stack ring

As for mother of pearl’s application in jewellery, although they most certainly hold their own as protagonists, we are partial to make pairings with gemstones. The gentle alabaster glow from Mother of Pearl, when well matched with coloured gems, is a poem in itself.

Mother of Pearl Ring

A perfectly harmonious combination

Case in point, the ring shown above. Notice how the pearly white inserts around the pink gem complements it and completely transforms the design. That’s when we know a piece is successful, really. All stones married in perfect harmony, with one bringing out the best qualities of the other.

Mother of Pearl Necklace

This delicate and elegant mother of pearl necklace from our ready-made collection is ideal for layering

Mother of pearl is favoured in many of our pieces for its versatility and indisputable beauty.

Grey stud styled with Mother of Pearl jackets

Grey spinel earring studs, styled with Mother of Pearl jackets

With rainbow-like shine & gentle milky lustre, these unique treasures of the ocean possess the ability to elevate your keepsakes to a whole new level!

Mother of pearl decorated ring

The Mother of Pearl decorations to the ring add elegance and lustre.