Mother’s Day – a gift to last generations

Mother’s Day – a gift to last generations

Flowers are a delightful offering! By all means, go for them. And also a box of chocolates and handwritten note! In a wonderfully ordinary manner, these little showings of appreciation are kind of remarkable. However, what if you could give your mum flowers that would last a lifetime and even to the next generation?

Stunning and mesmerising Mahenge Spinel Bespoke ring

Stunning and mesmerising mahenge spinel bespoke ring.

We hope to shed light into your imagination by sharing this compilation of some of our flowery jewellery creations. Our marvellous bouquets come with a dazzling twist! Dripping in candlelight, these blossoms shine bright in the most exquisite colours you can dream of! Take your pick from sapphires, emeralds, rubies, diamonds…and more!

A new design in the making, featuring lovely moonstone flower carvings.

A new design in the making, featuring lovely moonstone flower carvings.

A constant in the jewellery sphere, flowers are a resolute source of inspiration for all sorts of designs. And if gemstones by themselves already hold such a wide spectrum of substance, combine the two and you’ll have a most affectionate and nurturing emblem of great love.

Bespoke Earrings with Jade Pendants

A beautiful and elegant colour palette. Custom-made earrings with lavender jade drops.

Jewels present the perfect opportunity to be extra personal. Your mother may have been someone cheering you on for every accomplishment in life, and would go to any length for you. It’s impossible to quantify a mother’s love.

Bespoke Pearl Earrings

Pearls and flowers: you simply can’t go wrong with this combo!

So much can go unnoticed, so whenever you do get a chance to show her you’ve been paying attention, truly, you must grab it! A bespoke piece of jewellery bestows an infinite range of possibilities to thoughtfully communicate your awareness of everything she’s done and everything she represents.

Maybe include her birthstone in your design? A favourite colour? There’s also the possibility to add a personalised engraving and symbolic elements.

sapphire custom ring

Blooming mixed sapphire ring.

The staying power and sheer sentimentality attached to jewellery is precisely what makes them such an evident choice for Mother’s Day gifts. Essentially, we are contemplating the permanence of family ties through tokens that will, hopefully, be passed on from one generation to another. Even if, in this case, it ends up going back to you, as the gift giver, in the first place. And there is a sort of full circle quality to this scenario that is purely beautiful!

Butterflies and flowers in a harmonic garden-like creation.

Butterflies and flowers in a harmonic garden-like creation.

Certainly, we should be celebrating the motherly figures in our lives daily, but no harm in going the extra mile on this very important date: she will surely be glad for it!

Ultimately, if it comes from the heart, whichever design you end up going for will invariably hold a world of significance. Much more than a mere object, this piece will be an embodiment of years and years of unconditional love and a link between the past and future. At the end of the day, its monetary value turns peripheral to its meaning.

Bespoke paraiba and diamond earrings

Paraíba blooms, bespoke earrings.