Titanium Jewellery – colourful possibilities

Titanium Jewellery – colourful possibilities

The overwhelming majority of our pieces are made in a gold setting, be it white, yellow or rose gold. But a “newcomer” is slowing conquering space in our creative team’s workspace. We say “newcomer” but actually, titanium was quite popular during the 90’s, particularly in rings. While it was found many years ago, in 1791 Cornwall, England, it only started to be manufactured over a century later. And then in 1946 experts discovered how it could be commercially produced. It then took awhile to develop the right methods to create jewellery with the material, but there are many benefits to using titanium in jewellery!

Titanium Earrings with Tourmalines and Spinels

Our client modelling her bespoke titanium earrings with tourmalines and spinels

To begin with, it may be tinted in a wide array of colours to create extremely lively and colourful jewellery! In the picture above you can see the leaves made in titanium are coloured in purple and green.

The colour effects are creating using an electrochemical process called “anodising”, by immersing the titanium in a salt solution and passing electricity, which adds to the thin layer of titanium oxide. The thickness of the oxide layer then changes the perceived colour.

In the picture below you can see the various blue to green colours that have been created on the titanium.

Titanium Earrings with Tanzanites

Custom-made titanium earrings with tanzanites, yellow diamonds, and moonstones

Titanium is exceptional amongst metals for the highest strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for creating large earrings that are also very light and comfortable to wear.

Appraised for its resistance to corrosion, it’s a perfect choice for people who like to accessorise to the beach, as it’s remarkably unaffected by the effects of salt water and chlorine (we are not necessarily recommending you swim in it, though).

It’s also hypoallergenic as it’s not mixed with potentially irritable alloys, so it can be worn by those prone to allergic reactions to other metals.

The special qualities of titanium, however, also mean that creating jewellery with the metal requires very specialised equipment and techniques that does add significantly to the cost as compared with using gold. But with the amazing colours that can be created along with its light weight, it’s definitely a metal that we love to work with!

Bespoke Titanium Earrings with Tourmalines and Spinels

Full of colour, very durable and comfortable to wear, we love to create jewellery with titanium!