True Symbols of Love: Iconic Pieces for Valentine’s Day

True Symbols of Love: Iconic Pieces for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we can’t help being swooned by heart warming feelings provoked by the many love stories that are so inextricably linked to Calla Lily’s core essence. This is certainly the time of year to fully embrace the sweetest emotions and put them into perspective. What are your most valued relationships? Do you show them your appreciation often enough?

pink diamond custom ring

An equally rare and beautiful pink diamond custom made ring

Over the years, we have dived into many couples’ amorous tales and humbly clasped the opportunity to turn them into real life emblems. You see, at our very DNA lies an ongoing commitment to creating bespoke jewellery that is mostly exceptional for being steeped in significance. We would argue that, in a fascinatingly unique manner, they have a way of eternalising essential memories from your personal journey.

Pink Spinel bespoke necklace

Intricate necklace design featuring many shades of pink, red and lavender.

Designed to convey life’s most heartfelt sentiments, discover some of our fine crafted pieces that may just be our very best redemption of romance.

Say “I love you” in sparkly colours

Jewellery always makes a statement. Maybe you’ve been blessed with marriage, or perhaps just embarked on a new relationship. Well, either way, what could possibly be as tangible as a sparkly coloured gemstone ring as a proclamation of love?

bespoke engagement ring singapore

Undeniably delicate bespoke engagement ring.

Whether you opt for a delicate token of affection or a bold statement piece, there’s a multitude of ways of expressing your feelings.

Morganite earrings with diamond jackets

Morganite studs with detachable diamond halo jackets: wear the studs during the day and dress them up with the jackets for the evening, certainly delightful! Available from our ready-to-wear collection.

Pearls are a classic romantic choice. Never outdated, never out of style. They are as reliable as can be. And certainly no less striking for that. In fact, we find there is immense beauty in their discreet elegance.

re-styled pearl gemstone ring with diamonds

Formidable Pearl & Diamond gemstone ring: the pearl was re-styled from our client’s old jewellery.

Sometimes controversial, but not all heart-shaped pieces are the same! They are an ever popular option for a reason. Take our custom made engagement ring with a heart-shaped pink spinel  and pair of birds as an example:

custom engagement ring with a heart-shaped pink spinel and pair of birds

A pair of birds flank the heart-shaped spinel gemstone.

Whimsical but with a modern twist, it tells an intimate story and you need not know any of the details to be able to identify this as a depiction of a personal journey.

Now, onto flowers. Eternal symbols of tenderness and devotion, they are a reminder of blooming feelings and the inescapable cycle of growth and rebirth.

Bespoke Morganite Flower Earrings

Bespoke morganite flower earrings.

Every relationship requires care and thoughtfulness in order to grow healthily.

Bespoke pink spinel flower ring

Bespoke pink spinel rose gold ring with a flowery diamond white gold jacket.


Remarkable Mahenge Spinel bespoke ring

Remarkable mahenge spinel bespoke ring.

Designs borrowing both beauty and wisdom from nature are huge contenders for Valentines or any kind of sentimental gift.

A leafy composition of pink and red spinels

A leafy composition of pink and red spinels.

But stepping aside from the most conventional love-related pinks and reds. You know what truly makes a jewel unmatched? The meaning behind it.

A fun set of stacking rings

A fun set of stacking rings.


Custom made Tanzanite, Ruby and Lavender Jade earrings

Custom made tanzanite, ruby and lavender jade earrings.

For instance, enticingly graceful and elegant vintage inspired elements transport us to a very feminine, soft universe.

Striking and classic sapphire ring in a timeless diamond halo

Striking and classic bespoke sapphire ring in a timeless diamond halo.


Paraiba Earrings and Ring

The nearly unbelievable glow of paraiba tourmalines, a matching set of earrings and ring!

At the end of the day, our conclusion is not surprising. As far as heartfelt gifts go, you simply can’t beat a personalised bespoke jewellery piece! Initials and birthstones, whatever you choose as a representation of a fond memory or to honour a family member.

Emerald and diamonds restyled from old jewellery pieces

Emerald and diamonds restyled into a bespoke ring from old jewellery pieces.


Pink spinel necklace design

Birthing a new design.

Thoughtfulness is unparalleled in our realm of creating deeply significant jewels. You need only dream of it, we’ll guide you through the entire bespoke creation journey!