Bespoke Brooches – a reflection of unique personalities

Bespoke Brooches – a reflection of unique personalities

Today we feature a few of our bespoke brooches which we made specially for our clients. Brooches have definitely made a come back in recent times, not just for formal wear, but also to liven up and add highlights and colour to smart-casual outfits.

We made these pieces to reflect our clients’ personalities – whether their fun traits or hobbies they enjoy.

Cabochon Rubellite ring and brooch with pink Sapphire rounds and white Agate

Cabochon Rubellite (7.46cts) ring and brooch, with pink Sapphire rounds and white Agate. 18k white gold.

A strawberry swirl cupcake with a delicious gem centre. The strawberry swirl can playfully be worn as a brooch, and also adorned as a ring.

Bi-colour Tourmaline brooch with Diamonds, Mixed Sapphires and Tsavorites

Bi-colour Tourmaline (octagon cut, 2.46cts) brooch with marquise and round Diamonds, mixed Sapphires and Tsavorites. 18k white, natural white and rose gold.

Ice-cream themed pin, something sweet, specially made for our client to reflect her fun and colourful personality.

Diamonds and Briolette-cut pink Tourmaline brooch

A brooch and pendant with rose-cut round and trillion Diamonds, grey Diamonds, and a briolette-cut pink Tourmaline (4.91cts). 18k white and black gold.

Inspired by our Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) enthusiast client, we crafted this martial arts belt brooch from rose-cut diamonds. The darker grey diamonds on the right are part of the BJJ belt pattern. As we love playful and modular fine jewellery, the dangle can be worn with the belt brooch or worn separately as a pendant. The briolette-cut pink Tourmaline complements the rose-cut diamonds on the brooch, imbuing this piece with a vintage touch.