Munchkin Cat – Remembrance Ring and Brooch

Munchkin Cat – Remembrance Ring and Brooch

To remember their family pet Hibiki, a Munchkin cat that had passed away, we designed a double-shank ring with diamonds the same greyish brown as his coat, and a green-beryl centre stone the same soft green as his eyes.

What I love about this piece is the story it holds. Every pet lover would know how it feels, when you’ve lost a pet, like losing a family member. So, this piece had to be an ode to the love, sweetness and pure affections of our furry friends.

Green Beryl Cat Ring brooch

Hibiki is perched up playfully falling asleep on the green Beryl, slipping into a tropical midsummer night’s dream.

The piece can be worn as a ring and a brooch. Hibiki and the green beryl can be detached from the ring to be pinned on a dress. It can also be enjoyed and viewed as an ornamental piece.

The details of midnight hues were brought about with moonstones to reflect the glow of night, yellow sapphires as the stars, and blue sapphires as the night sky. All these come together as flora around Hibiki, with a ring shank in an abstract form of shadows of leaves at night.