Have fun with necklace layering!

Have fun with necklace layering!

Whilst a single necklace piece can absolutely be enough, why stop at one when you can get twice, three or four times the opportunity to articulate your own uniqueness? This is not a new trend… In fact, we would go as far as saying necklace layering has pretty much become the standard styling resource for added depth and visual appeal. Albeit, over the latest seasons, we’ve observed a slight shift.

Grouping several chunky necklaces together, or the equivalent pairing of super thin chains with kindred delicate designs, has been replaced by more comprehensive assemblages. Basically, there are no rules! Embrace multiple facets of your distinctiveness and mix and match away.

Opal and Tsavorite Necklaces

A geometrical tsavorite necklace worn with an opal pendant

Our personal tip is to start off with one key piece. What is the message you want to convey? Maybe pick something that really represents your personality. But for this specific look be sure to choose a necklace with some sort of magnetism. Think bold coloured gems and unexpected pendants. Once you have your foundation piece, you build from there and start adding the sentimental ones – maybe a bespoke family heirloom? Top it off with some colour and whimsy for a pop of interest that sets your stack apart!

What to consider when layering necklaces & simple styling tricks

There is not one isolated formula for how to layer your necklaces, but we do suggest considering the following advice. Either go for a colour oriented match, or opt for a more peculiar look and pair different materials and complimentary shades together in what we like to call a “harmonious discordance”.

Blue sapphire necklace

A classic piece with a unique flair to make it distinguishable. Pair it with a pearl strand or a super long chain!

Honestly, the fun really is in playing and experimenting with all your favourites. Chunky pearls, gemstone carvings, elegant and simple chains, and statement pendants. They all have a time and place, but can work brilliantly together.

Now let’s talk length! If you’re feeling a bit unsure, stacking them approximately 1cm apart creates a cascading-like effect that feels somewhat more symmetrical.

Tourmaline and diamond necklaces

Spaced with just a little room between one another, this creates a more even look

Alternatively, you may want to use intentionally discrepant length necklaces with a sizeable gap between one another. Picture a chocker worn with dramatically long strand: the non-obvious aspect of this pairing is exactly what makes it work.

Multi-gem and mother-of-pearl necklace

Pieces with a dangling centre pendant are perfect to go at the bottom of your stack!

Either way, both interpretations on stacking with different lengths are a good bet – it’s all a matter of trying them out. And lastly, don’t shy away from the multi-metal look! Feel free to mix your yellow gold, white gold and rose gold together and harmonise the look in accordance to the gemstones colours rather than the settings.

Turquoise and sapphire necklace

A white gold necklace with cool-toned gems such as this would really pop if paired against a yellow gold necklace