Singaporean Elegance: A Journey Inside a Local Fine Jewellery Atelier

Singaporean Elegance: A Journey Inside a Local Fine Jewellery Atelier

Nestled in the pulsating heart of Singapore, Calla Lily Fine Jewellers finds its muse in the verdant splendour enveloping the city’s skyline. Amidst the innovative architectural marvels and the lush vegetation that elegantly drapes over buildings, terraces, and residences, the captivating story of Calla Lily’s designs comes to life.

The moniker ‘Calla Lily’ is inspired by the Greek term for beauty, epitomising purity, elegance, and loyalty. These virtues are the cornerstone of our jewellery pieces, crafted from the finest materials and techniques, mirroring our fervour and unwavering commitment to our artistry.

Floral Harmony: The Influence of Nature on Our Creations

While positioned in the heart of a bustling metropolis, Singapore’s verdant expanses flourish, offering an unbounded canvas for creativity. The towering foliage, a testament to the seamless fusion of architecture with nature, stands as a perpetual homage to the city’s dedication to marrying urbanity with the natural world. This enchanting blend of urban and natural elements deeply influences our creative ethos.

Our jewellery, akin to the vibrant green spaces adorning Singapore, mirrors the splendour of nature. Through careful observation of the local flora and fauna and imaginative interpretation of their shapes, our creations capture the spirit of this garden city. From the elegant flight of birds and butterflies to the sinuous lines and tender forms of blossoms, each natural spectacle presents a unique opportunity for crafting jewellery. Thus, our bespoke creations evolve into a botanical dance, immortalising the fleeting allure of these scenes in exquisite, timeless treasures to be treasured forever.

Bespoke Flower Carving Earrings

Bespoke Flower Carving Earrings

Cultural Dreamscape: Weaving Local Heritage and Motifs into Jewellery

Singapore transcends its identity as merely a garden city; it is a crucible of cultures, languages, religions, and culinary delights—a sanctuary where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist, bridging the past with the future.

This rich tapestry of heritage is intricately woven into Calla Lily’s jewellery designs, drawing on Singapore’s cultural icons, landmarks, and vibrant arts scene. From the elaborate motifs of Peranakan tiles and textiles to the emblematic Merlion and the avant-garde Marina Bay Sands, our pieces are celebrations of Singaporean essence.

Embracing elements from the Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Eurasian communities, along with inspirations from across Asia and beyond, our creations stand as tributes to Singapore’s multicultural and cosmopolitan spirit, showcasing its inclusivity and tolerance.

Venturing through the city’s lively districts and cultural epicentres reveals a metropolis teeming with creative vitality. The artistic verve of our own neighbourhood, the bustling Tiong Bahru, pulsates through our atelier, shaping the intricate craftsmanship of every new ring, earring, and necklace. The city’s dynamic cultural influences breathe life into our designs, endowing them with a distinct character that appeals to those who cherish the blend of tradition with modernity. In this cultural mosaic, the city itself becomes a muse, transforming into a palette for crafting wearable masterpieces.

The Dragon Ring in 18k yellow gold

The Dragon Ring in 18k yellow gold

Crafting Timeless Beauty: A Glimpse Inside a Local Fine Jewellery Atelier

In the heart of Singapore, where creativity and culture converge, Calla Lily’s atelier emerges as a sanctum of craftsmanship. Inspired by the city’s vibrant landscapes, the meticulous process of crafting bespoke jewels unveils a world where expertise, passion, and imagination intersect. Embarking on a bespoke journey with us is a beautiful path that begins with an idea—a spark of inspiration is all it takes. Our skilled team, under the guidance of our founder, Emily, translate thoughts into concepts and concepts into detailed sketches, mapping out the intricate details that will define each new marvel.

Discover Emily’s Vision: The Creative Force Behind Calla Lily

Emily, our founder and creative director, embodies a steadfast dedication to excellence and a fervent passion for conveying narratives through her designs, principles that are the cornerstone of Calla Lily’s philosophy. Emily’s vision extends beyond merely crafting exquisite jewellery; she aims to capture the very essence of those who wear her creations, lending each piece a deep, personal significance. She warmly welcomes both new and returning customers with tea and treats, eager to explore their aspirations and ideas.

Upon crossing the threshold of our Tiong Bahru location, you’ll be introduced to our captivating collection of brilliantly coloured gemstones by our committed team. We present a variety of golds, finishes, and colour schemes that echo your unique identity. Our bespoke process is affectionately regarded as a “co-creation,” a stage we find most clients relish for the freedom and enjoyment it brings in making those initial choices alongside us. This process is not just about crafting new jewellery; it’s an exploratory journey of self-discovery and a celebration, marked by the joy of creation.

Stones of Significance: Sourcing Unique Coloured Gems for Timeless Creations

You are more than welcome to bring along any gemstones you already possess, especially if you have a specific design in mind that includes them. However, we believe that openness to experimentation is crucial. Our seasoned team is on hand to offer guidance and suggestions that often involve integrating new gemstones to enhance your final piece.

Australian South Sea Keshi Pearls Studs in 18k white gold. Worn with our Mixed Gem LeafJackets in yellow gold, featuring red opals, a variety of sapphires, mandarin garnets, and diamonds.

Australian South Sea Keshi Pearls Studs in 18k white gold. Worn with our Mixed Gem Leaf Jackets in yellow gold, featuring red opals, a variety of sapphires, mandarin garnets, and diamonds.

If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll be thrilled to introduce you to our stunning array of gemstones! And should you not find the perfect match at first glance, we’re more than willing to embark on a quest to source the ideal stone for you. Our most cherished projects are often the ones that challenge us to think outside the box. A significant part of our mission is to discover the finest and most distinctive stones to suit every preference and budget. We confess to having a particular fondness for coloured gemstones and tend to attract clients who share our passion for unique and extraordinary stones!

Step By Step: How Bespoke Jewellery is Designed at Calla Lily

Ever curious about what unfolds behind the curtain? How we turn our musings into stunning creations crafted from gold and splendid gemstones?

The secret is in our bespoke process, unfolding through four key phases: consultation, design, production, and delivery.

Our journey begins with a consultation, where we dive deep into our clients’ visions, tastes, and budgetary considerations. We immerse ourselves in their narratives, their concepts, and their feelings, while providing our expert recommendations and support. During this initial phase, clients are introduced to our portfolio of past projects, our extensive collection of gemstones and metals, as well as our sketches and models, setting the foundation for what’s to come.

Modular earrings: a calla lily signature! A striking combination of yellow gold and onyx in adramatic contrast evocative of a lightning bolt in a pitch-black sky. Completed by detachable art-deco green tourmaline pendants!

Modular earrings: a hallmark of Calla Lily! These earrings showcase a dramatic interplay between yellow gold and onyx, reminiscent of a lightning bolt slicing through a dark sky. Complemented by detachable art deco pendants adorned with green tourmaline, they embody a blend of boldness and elegance, making a statement of sophistication.

We hold the belief that open communication is essential to the success of every bespoke creation. This is why we foster a close, personal connection with our clients throughout the entire process, welcoming their feedback and contributions at every step.

The journey continues with the design phase, building upon the insights gathered during the consultation. Here, our creativity and expertise take the spotlight. Utilising our artistic flair and technical acumen, we craft a design that not only resonates with the client’s individuality and style but also stands out as unique and innovative.

Attention is also given to the practicality of the piece—considering its size, form, weight, and resilience—to ensure that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable for everyday wear, easy to care for, and appropriate for its intended occasions.

We then present our proposed design to the client, either as a detailed sketch or a prototype, tailored to the project’s complexity and the client’s preferences. During this reveal, we delve into the nuances of the design, explaining our creative decisions and inviting the client to provide their perspective and adjustments. Adaptations and refinements are, of course, part of the process, as we aim for perfection in alignment with our client’s vision.

The third phase is the actual creation of the piece, where our commitment to craftsmanship and quality becomes evident. Employing only the finest materials, state-of-the-art technology, and meticulous handcrafting techniques, we ensure each piece is constructed with utmost precision and care. From the initial polish to the final touches of setting, engraving, and finishing, every piece undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process to meet the highest standards of craftsmanship and integrity.

Delivery marks the culmination of our journey. This is the moment we cherish, seeing the delight on our clients’ faces, knowing our efforts have brought their visions to life. Whether they opt for personal collection or prefer delivery to their doorstep, we ensure the process is smooth and secure. Following up after delivery, we express our gratitude for their trust and the opportunity to contribute to their cherished memories, confirming their satisfaction with the final masterpiece.

Square rings

Visit CALLALILY.SG/BOUTIQUE to discover our collection’s square rings

Final Thoughts: Our Passion for Craftsmanship and Excellence

We believe that fine jewellery transcends mere adornment; it is an art form and a medium of personal expression. Every piece of jewellery narrates a story, communicates a message, and unveils the essence of the individual. Our dedication lies in crafting not just aesthetically pleasing items but pieces that are imbued with significance and distinctiveness.

This commitment is realized through the synergy of our artistic vision, technical prowess, and scrupulous attention to detail. We select only the premium materials, including 18k gold, platinum, and superior quality precious coloured gemstones and diamonds, ensuring that each handcrafted piece is constructed with the utmost care and precision. Our collaborative approach with clients allows us to grasp their unique preferences, aspirations, and requirements, enabling us to tailor jewellery that complements their individual style and preferences.

Proudly rooted in Singapore, our local fine jewellery atelier takes pride in sharing our artistry and craftsmanship with an international audience.

We warmly invite you to embark on this journey of Singaporean elegance with us, to explore and be enchanted by the beauty and allure of our jewellery creations.