Paraiba Tourmalines – enigmatic and electrifying

Paraiba Tourmalines – enigmatic and electrifying

Paraibas are always so special to us to create bespoke pieces for our clients. They are among the rarest of coloured gemstones, especially those from the Paraiba State of Brazil, the original place they were discovered in 1987. Today, they are also found in Mozambique and Nigeria.

Paraiba Tourmalines

Trillion and oval shape Paraibas from our collection.

For those who set their eyes on them for the first time, the colour is electrifying – a neon blue, vividly saturated with turquoise hues like the sun shining upon a Maldivian sea. The unique presence of manganese and copper provides these Tourmalines with their glowing blue-green appearance.

Paraiba and Diamond Earrings

Paraiba Frost Flower Earrings – icy frost curls into flower-shaped petals surrounding the Paraiba frozen lakes. 18k white gold with Paraiba Tourmalines (pear, 3.48cts; oval, 2.60cts), set upon Blue Sapphires and Diamonds.

Their discovery tells an inspirational story as, Heitor Dimas Barbosa, despite naysayers all around him, held steadfast to his beliefs, and continued tunnelling for 7 years with the conviction that he would make an extraordinary find. And, true enough, Heitor, laid hands on the very first Paraiba Tourmaline, found at the Mina da Batalha mine.

Paraiba and Diamond ring

A Calla Lily classic – a partial halo, like a garland lifting and presenting a dazzling gem cradled in the middle. 18k white gold ring setting with Paraiba (oval, 4.21cts) and marquise and round Diamonds.

Paraiba Tourmalines

Pear-shape Paraibas from our collection.

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