Portrait-cut Gemstones

Portrait-cut Gemstones

The Portrait Cut portrays a large and open, and thinly cut table (top surface of the gem), producing a captivating window-like effect, that invites the admirer to gaze into the gem. This cut allows for very unique and fancy-shaped gems to be faceted, such as octagonal and triangular shapes. In bespoke jewellery the versatility of this cut allows the designer to create very bold and avant-garde designs.

Special qualities of our portrait-cut gemstones

It’s really special to have portrait-cut gems with such intense and even colours, even more so given they have had no heat treatment. They have beautifully formed natural crystals lending the windows a clean look with no visible inclusions.

Portrait cut_Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz from Brazil – 3.55cts, rectangular-octagon Portrait cut (no heat treatment).

The honey-lemon Imperial Topaz are rare and sought after, versus the more available blues. The colour is intense and even despite not having any heat treatment.

It’s very rare to find a fan-shaped Portrait cut Aquamarine with such an intense crystalline blue hue and clean window with no visible inclusions. Even more so given it’s not had any heat treatment.

Portrait-cut Aquamarine

Aquamarine from Madagascar – 4.06cts, fan-shaped Portrait-cut (no heat treatment).

Portrait-cut Green Tourmaline

This gem has a very calming green lagoon hue with a surreal feel to it. Beautifully even colour with no heat treatment.

Bespoke Pieces made with Portrait-cut Gems

Compass ring with Portrait-cut Aquamarine

Compass ring – 5.14cts hexagonal Portrait-cut Aquamarine with kite-shaped fancy-cut Diamond, and Diamond rounds.

A beautifully geometric and bold piece, with a rare hexagonal Portrait-cut Aquamarine with lovely colour and clarity. The table of the gem is like a window you can peer through to see the kite-shaped Diamond beneath, lending the piece its ‘compass’ theme.

Cherry blossom ring with Portrait-cut pink Tourmaline

Cherry Blossom ring – 3.03cts octagon Portrait cut Pink Tourmaline, with pear, trillion and round-cut Diamonds.

The Portrait window allows the wearer to peer through and admire the cherry blossom themed array of Diamonds and branch in gold.