Renewal, Harmony and Balance: The allure of Green Gemstones

Renewal, Harmony and Balance: The allure of Green Gemstones

Representing the colour of nature & life, green gems possess a uniquely fascinating quality. They are known to be great at balancing emotions and strengthening the connection between heart and mind. Green is also the shade of growth, being closely associated with spring.

Vivid and saturated or neon-green colours are among the most coveted hue in the jewellery world! And we can easily see why! Keep on reading to reveal a few of our luscious forest coloured Calla Lily Rings.


One of the most emblematic of green gemstones! There are a great number of legends and stories surrounding the majestic emerald. They have adorned the crowns of royals and been worn by historical figures such as Aristotle and Alexander the Great. It’s often called the stone of “inspiration and eternal patience”, making it a perfect choice to promote harmony between partners. Unconsciously, this might be the reason why some couples are drawn to emeralds when creating their custom-made engagement rings with us.

custom made emerald ring

Bespoke emerald ring in 18k white gold


Green is a rare colour for this gem species: in their natural state, green hued sapphires range from light yellow-green, to olive, teal (bluish-green) or deep forest green. They usually have significant secondary colours mixed in, such as yellow and blue that help achieve a wide variance. A truly fantastic option if you’re looking for an elegant and unique alternative to a coloured diamond!

teal dark blue-green sapphire

Bespoke teal (blue-green) sapphire in 18k rose gold with diamonds


With tones ranging from bright electric to subtle mild green and boosting vibrant colours and luster, green tourmalines are certainly highly regarded in the fine jewellery universe. Also known as Verdelites, they have an incredible spectrum of possible shades. A well cut piece is a sparkly wonder!

green tourmaline ring

Custom-made green tourmaline ring in 18k yellow gold with diamonds


A popular mineral and gemstone in Eastern cultures with symbolic significance, sometimes referred to as a stone of fortune and happiness. Jade’s allure goes back a long way with roots in ancient Asian civilisations, and still today is highly sought after for its beauty and rarity. When jade is adorned in a modern design together with coloured gems and diamonds, there’s a special timeless sophistication.

Jade ring in 18k white gold with tsavorites and fancy-cut diamonds

Custom-made jade ring in 18k white gold with tsavorites and fancy-cut diamonds


Always green in colour but with considerable variations, a peridot’s particular shade depends on its source. The August birthstone has been much celebrated from the earliest times. The Egyptians referred to them as the “gem of the sun” and mined it on the Red Sea island of Zabargad, the source for many of the large and fine quality peridots in the world’s museums. To this day, peridots remain prized for their restful yellowish green hues.

peridot square ring

Peridot square ring in 18k white gold

Tsavorite Garnet:

Garnets occur in a wide range of colours, with the green ones tending to be rarer. A specially fine variety is known as Tsavorite. This rare chrome green gem is found in the border area between Tanzania and Kenya in East Africa. Its high refractive index and dispersion levels translate into wonderful brilliance! Their alluring pure green hues, durability, purity and rarity explain why they are regarded as among the finest coloured gems. We certainly count ourselves amongst tsavorite’s fans!

Another special variety are Merelani mint garnets, a light-green cousin of tsavorites, named after the Merelani Hills of Tanzania where they’re found. The neon green Merelani mint garnets are the rarest and most sought after with an electric glow that is a wonder to admire!

Tsavorite ring with diamonds

Bespoke tsavorite ring in 18k yellow gold with diamonds

If green is your favourite colour, there are so many intriguing and beautiful varieties of gemstones to choose from, each with their own unique hues and properties. Make an appointment to come and see our wonderful collection, and we’ll help you choose that special gemstone that’s just for you!