Personality Traits & Jewellery Styles

Personality Traits & Jewellery Styles

What personality traits make someone who they are? Everyone has at least an outlined notion of their own personality type — if they are enthusiastic or reserved, tactful or impervious. Experts in the field of psychology define personality as individual differences in the way people tend to think, feel and behave. There are many studies and tests you can take on this subject but we’re using a specific one today. The Enneagram is an emotionally focused system of personality traits that delineates people in terms of nine types, each with their own motivations, fears, and internal dynamics.

The nine personality types and their corresponding jewellery

We put so much thought, care and intention into every one of our bespoke creations that it’s only natural that, once ready, we think of them as living creatures in a way. Diving a little deeper on this route, we can spot correlations between the particularities of a jewellery design & the personality types. Every one of them has its own driving force, which is centred around a particular emotion. The classifications of the Enneagram are divided among Heart Types, Head Types, and Body Types. Let’s go into them in a little more detail.

The Heart Types of the Enneagram


bespoke ruby and pink tourmaline rings

Bespoke ruby and pink tourmaline rings

Heart types connect with other people on an empathetic level and need to digest their feelings in order to comprehend the world around them. They initially react with emotions rather than reason.

The Heart types

The Giver:

Generous individuals with a strong urge to be liked and loved. They will go to lengths for the feeling of belonging, often helping those around them.

Jewellery match:

bespoke emerald earrings

Luscious green emeralds earrings. Universally associated with nature, this is the colour of abundance and generosity.

The Achiever:

Seeking success and admiration from the people in their lives, the “achievers” are a very driven group that are conscious of their public image.

Jewellery match:

Tanzanite ring

A magnificent tanzanite ring. Almost imperial looking, this is certainly a distinguished choice.

The Individualist:

Unique and extremely expressive people. They usually chase after deep, authentic emotions.

Jewellery match:

custom made paraiba and diamond earrings

Paraibas and sparkly diamonds arranged in a one-of-a kind composition. Look closely and you’ll notice the unique distinctiveness of each earring!

The Head Types of the Enneagram


custom made pearl necklace

Custom made pearl necklace

Head types connect with other people on an intellectual level and seek to rationalise theories and systems that aid them in comprehending what they observe. They react with analysis over emotions.

The Head types

The Investigator:

Inquisitive people in constant search for understanding and knowledge, they are curious and enjoy gathering lots of information and data.

Jewellery match:

bespoke bi-colour tourmaline ring

Bi-colour Bonsai ring, inpired by the layering of bonsai plants. The colour palette comprises soft complex tones in contrast with geometric shapes of sliced Tanzanite and Rhodolite garnets, with an art-deco styled ring shank. This peculiar piece is made of geometrical forms that while objective on their own, create an intriguing piece when put together. Surely one to stir your curiosity!

The Skeptic:

“Skeptics” place great importance to safety and the feeling of security. Nurturers at heart, they are usually the most prepared for different eventualities.

Jewellery match:

bespoke pearl and mother-of-pearl earrings

Pearls are associated with wisdom, and they are nestled in these bespoke earrings by delicate Mother-of-Pearl jackets.

The Enthusiast:

This group wants to have as much fun and adventure as possible and seek to avoid boredom at all costs!

Jewellery match:

Bespoke Electric Indigo Tourmaline earrings

Electric indigo tourmalines made even more striking in conjuncture with our Onyx thunder studs! Irrefutably bold!

The Body Types of the Enneagram


custom made green tourmaline ring

Custom made green tourmaline ring with mother-of-pearl and opals

Body types listen to their intuition and inner voice. Their essential way of connecting to others is through their gut feeling, a physical sense of comfort that guides them. They react with instinct as opposed to logic.

The Body types

The Challenger:

They’re capable and stand up for their beliefs. Headstrong and virtuous people, they like to be in control of their surroundings.

Jewellery match:

Custom made jade brooch

Bold and virtuous looking jade brooch with diamonds.

The Peacemaker:

Adaptable and flexible the “peacemakers” are commonly easygoing with a liking to being compliant and allowing others around them to take the lead.

Jewellery match:

bespoke yin yang earrings with tourmaline and malaia garnets

A Calla Lily signature, Yin Yang earrings with Tourmalines and Malaia Garnets in avocado cuts, with multi-coloured Sapphires, Diamonds and Mother-of-Pearl. Independent on their own, but interconnected, they complement each other.

The Perfectionist:

The strive for perfection in everything they do, idealistic in nature and emphasise doing things by the book.

Jewellery match:

bespoke onyx earring studs

Angular onyx earring studs: geometric and made of straight lines, it appeals to a sense of assertiveness and irrefutable truths.

Did you identify with any of the personality types above? While this is a highly complex discussion, jewellery is always a fun tool you can use to make a statement about who you are. So choose wisely and be intentional about it. If this subject has particularly peeked your interest, our custom-made designing process is likely to marvel you as well!

Come with us on a bespoke journey and we’ll work together to co-create a unique piece that speaks to your personality.