Engagement Rings: 10 coloured gemstone alternatives to Diamonds

Engagement Rings: 10 coloured gemstone alternatives to Diamonds

A historic and, in every sense iconic, campaign launched by De Beers in 1948 stated that “A Diamond is Forever”. Those simple words resulted in the enduring association of the gems as the default engagement ring choice. However, this was over seventy years ago, and a great deal has changed since then.

A longing for the non-traditional is now coming to light with more brides looking to impart personality and flair into their jewels. Enter the world of custom-made and personalised coloured gemstone engagement rings!

This is likely a consideration you’ve had on your radar for some time, the possibilities are endless, but with so many options to consider, one can easily be overwhelmed.

Keep on reading to discover our picks featuring 10 amazing coloured gemstone alternatives! First things first, though. The starting point is selecting the right colour to reflect your personality. Then, there’s the gem curation process. We’re happy to guide you on this ride and make every part of the bespoke journey as informative and enjoyable as can be.

Jewellery is, after all, meant to be fun!

Here are a few great choices, combining excellent properties and beautiful shades:

Red Spinel

The unique fiery sparkle from a quality, singly refractive, red Spinel is a sight to behold. A harmonious blend of passion and serenity, they come with a pledge of unconditional & fiercely protective love.

red spinel custom engagement ring

Unique and bold red spinel bespoke ring


A rare and highly coveted species of Garnet, unanimously praised for their brilliance and hardness, with an unmistakable glimmer and stunning forest-like shades.

Tsavorite Bespoke Ring

The unparalleled beauty of Tsavorites


Ever majestic, the iconic blue Sapphire is regal in every way. Quite literally fit for royalty, Princess Diana wore a blue sapphire engagement ring which was then passed down to Prince William, who proposed to Kate Middleton with the same ring. They are linked to honesty and loyalty: quite possibly two of the best attributes to inspire a forever match.

Blue Sapphire Custom Made Ring

A blue Sapphire ring is a classic for a reason

Green Sapphire

Although most people associate them with blue colour, Sapphires actually come in a wide range of shades. And the green ones are exceptionally elegant and charming! Symbols of tranquility and calmness, we’d say this is a particularly good choice for an engagement ring!

Green sapphire bespoke engagement ring

Majestic green sapphire custom-made engagement ring


With unparalleled electric blue shades evoking the beauty of immaculate tropical waters, Paraíba Tourmalines are a splendid occurrence. Their striking colour, brilliance and incandescent glow make this a unique and special choice for any bride to be.

Paraiba and Diamond Bespoke Engagement Ring

Rare and valuable Paraiba have a striking neon glow!

Blue Zircon

A magnificent stone with high refraction and fire, it’s flashes of multi-coloured light and brilliance are particularly similar to those encountered on diamonds. The blue variety is known to encourage good communication, serving as a gentle reminder to express your affection on a daily basis.

Blue Zircon Bespoke Ring

Ethereal Blue Zircon

Pink Spinel

Meant for the truest romantics out there, this special gemstone carries deep tenderness energy. Encompassing unconditional love, they are both timeless and delicate and thought to enhance feelings of devotion!

Pink Spinel Custom Ring

A Calla Lily bespoke design featuring a heart-shaped Pink Spinel


Linked to a number of tales about love, courage, passion, and protection, Rubies are not the most common pick for engagement rings. But then again, they are in no way ordinary stones. Meant for kings and queens, and just about as distinguished as possible, this is a truly regal choice.

Ruby Bespoke Ring

Fiery Rubies are perfect for making a statement with uttermost elegance!


Known for their unique spectacle of fire display, they flicker a rainbow-like array of colours, one shimmery spark at a time. A truly one-of-a-kind option symbolic of passion and loyalty.

Opal Custom Engagement Ring

A stunning & one-of-a-kind opal design for an engagement ring

Pink Tourmaline

A powerful yet delicate statement. Tourmalines are available in nearly every imaginable shade, but when it comes to promise rings, nothing compares to their idyllic & amorous pink variety. The wearer of this gemstone is gifted with a constant reminder to always trust in the capacity of love.

Pink Tourmaline Bespoke Ring

The elegance of Pink Tourmalines