The Legend of Diamonds

The Legend of Diamonds

Formed over a billion years ago, deep in the earth’s mantle, under intense heat and more than 150km below the surface in volcanic magma, Diamonds were miraculously created. The famed gem is prized not only for its shine and beauty, but also because it’s the hardest substance on earth!

Made to order Diamond Ring

Made-to-order Diamond Ring

Although classic jewellery pieces often highlight the colourless varieties, there are more enchanting shades to discover. “Fancy Diamonds”, as they’re called, come in extremely rare and valuable tones such as yellow and pink!

Yellow Diamond Custom Ring

Our bespoke designed ring, featuring a rare yellow diamond

Throughout history, varying cultures and civilisations, placed diamonds at the heart of numerous legends. But why were diamonds considered so precious to mankind even before we learned how to cut them into the sparkling treasures we know and love today?

Well, as it so happens, an octahedron, which is the crystal form of diamonds, consisting of two pyramids connected at the base, is considered an ideal configuration. From the earliest of times, the gemstone was considered a supernatural intermediary between man and the unseen forces of nature that governed their fate.

Leafy Diamond Ring

The unmistakable sparkle of diamonds in a leafy creation

In the 8th Century BC, legend has it that Chronos transfigured a young man into a precious stone. At the time, Diamonds were called “adamas” – Greek for “unconquerable” and “invincible”. The boy, now in the form of a gem, was believed to possess great strength and good fortune with protective powers.

Restyled bespoke diamond earrings

An enchanting pair of bespoke earrings made from restyled old diamond jewellery

Hence why, in most stories of Greek gods from that time, warriors were depicted with diamonds in their armour or weapons. In fact, some of the most compelling fables in mythology feature items made of diamonds. Conferring its wearer invincible strength, eternal life and safety – they were the amulet of choice for the chains that bound Prometheus, Heracles’ helmet and the sword of Chronos.

Pink Diamond Custom Ring

Bespoke pink diamond ring, restyled from old jewellery


Rose cut bespoke diamond rings

Bespoke stack rings with rose-cut diamonds

Enveloped in a cloud of engrossing mystique and shining brilliance, Diamonds remain to this day a symbol of elegance and eternity.

Custom made stack rings with rose-cut diamonds

Custom-made stack rings with rose-cut diamonds