Vibrant Jewellery Pieces Celebrating Summer

Vibrant Jewellery Pieces Celebrating Summer

As the sun completes its journey across the northernmost point in the sky, June 21st marks the longest day and shortest night of the year, bringing us a renewed light.

Summer has officially arrived, even in places like Singapore, where sunlight and warmth embrace us year-round. There’s an irresistible magnetic energy that permeates the beginning of the season.

Regardless of whether you’re planning a holiday, dressing up for the occasion is always appropriate. The season calls for a different look and feel than the average day-to-day attire. There is a myriad of playful summer capsule and resort collections to get excited about from destination-worthy caftans to dreamy flowy dresses. But the easiest route to achieve that “golden” look is certainly through jewellery. Paired with just the right piece, the simplest outfit may be elevated to a paradisiac ensemble.

Intense and bright shades of stack rings

Intense and bright shades of stack rings.

Flamboyant Jewellery

So exactly what sort of pieces should you aim for? Employing some artistic license, we’re calling it “Flamboyant Jewellery”, a genre of fabulous necklaces, artful rings in the most extravagant shades imaginable and dangly earrings. Look for embellishments and pops of cheerful colours evocative of the greenest grass and bluest skies.

Emerald and Paraiba: a heavenly duo

Emerald and Paraiba: a heavenly duo.

You may be wondering if maybe, the fantasy-like designs we describe above are not perhaps a tad too seasonal? The truth is, only if you wish them so! The way you style your jewels is the key. Sure, they maybe a little to vivid and even a bit exotic; but the thing about fine jewellery is that the intricacy of the manual work always shines through, and the high quality of the materials employed make them still feel unarguably luxurious. So rest assured, you may still rock your turquoise ear piece in the midst of winter and look 100% elegant while at it!

Calla Lily’s emblematic audacious spirit beautifully represented in our most zestful creations – call it the “statement” if you will.

Flamboyance flourishes in this period of time, as if the solstice heralds joyous times ahead. Embrace the ludic side of your personality and let your creativity roam free! Jewellery is meant to be fun, and fashion is an avenue to express your individuality confidently. Don’t shy away from whimsical designs; imaginative and slightly eccentric motifs pique curiosity and spark interest. Naturally, marine-related designs are classic.

Organic Jewellery Forms

Sugarloaf Tourmaline ring inspired by kelp forests and the richness of the underwater world

Sugarloaf tourmaline ring inspired by kelp forests and the richness of the underwater world.

But florals, for example, are also extremely in vogue for the season! Specially those less-than-realist portraits that somehow manage to embrace imperfections and a slightly more carefree look that factually mimics nature’s organic forms.

Tourmaline carvings on our “Butterfly” earrings

Tourmaline carvings on our “Butterfly” earrings.

The long and sublime sunny days ahead carry a certain joyful energy. This is precisely the feeling we want to capture and bring with us as we go about our routines. A sparkly accessory seems like the perfect reminder to embrace the vibrancy that surrounds us!

A very striking pair of fire-opal earrings.

A very striking pair of fire-opal earrings.

Glinting with the fire of a bespoke earring, this magnificent opal burns from the inside out, in a way that it nearly outshines the setting sun.

Naturally, yellow gold seems like the most appropriate choice here. But rose is always a good idea too: think warm sunset evenings and you get the picture!

Bi-tourmaline in rose gold setting, dotted with diamonds.

Bi-tourmaline in rose gold setting, dotted with diamonds.

The carefree atmosphere calls for candlelit rooftop soirées, outdoor gatherings, and sun-soaked afternoons by the pool or the ocean. On that note, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is removing your jewels.

Titanium Jewellery

Enter water-resistant alternatives that won’t sacrifice sophistication. For this purpose, we could not recommend titanium pieces enough! Appraised for its resistance to corrosion, it’s a perfect choice for people who like to accessorise for the beach, as it’s remarkably unaffected by salt water and chlorine.

Besides, titanium is also exceptional for its highest strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for creating large earrings that are also very light and comfortable to wear.

Our “celestial twilight" titanium earrings

Our “celestial twilight” titanium earrings.

Picture fireflies dancing across the early night cerulean sky. Our perfectly cheerful pair of earrings depicted above are a marvellous illustration of a summer piece at is finest! From the exuberant and bright union of cobalt and butter yellow to its playful and efficient ergonomic design, everything about this piece feels like a celebration waiting to happen!

Colourful Gemstones

Now, to perhaps the most critical part of decision making when it comes to custom-made jewels: let’s talk about colours.

Boldness is vital! That much is a given during summer. Opt in for corals to neon oranges, turquoise and bright royal blues. But really, you can get away with any bright shade! Trust us, you will never be out of choices when it comes to our gemstones selection. Available in delightful tinges of pink, yellow, violet. The possibilities are just endless! If anything, choosing a favourite may prove a challenge, given the nearly infinite rainbow of gorgeous colours to select from. Let us break down some alternatives according to your preferred hues and their respective connotations.

Red Gemstones:

Flaming and vividly hued mahenge spinel.

Flaming and vividly hued mahenge spinel.

Related to passion and a fiery energy that reads into strength, it supports a dynamic disposition and is perfectly suited for those unafraid of being the centre of attention. Naturally, the first gem that comes to mind is the mighty ruby! But spinels and garnets are also excellent choices.

Green Gemstones:

One of the finest gemstones in the world: a Muzo Mine Emerald from Colombia.

One of the finest gemstones in the world: a Muzo Mine Emerald from Colombia.

As the tonality of nature, this is certainly an inspirational one that grants you access into your own particular conjuncture of abilities allowing you to find prosperity and abundance. The unparalleled emerald, unapologetically strong and luscious is probably a given. But multiple scales of saturation and intensity are to be found, depending on your preference. Jade, peridots, chrysoberyl and garnets are incredible picks as well!

Bright Blue Gemstones:

The unparalleled Paraíba Tourmaline.

The unparalleled Paraíba Tourmaline.

Nothing like water tinged gems to make us instantly dream of island escapes and summer weather. Evocative of peacefulness and calmness, this is the shade for those seeking a safe heaven and tranquil breezy days ahead. But it’s still the season of joyous liveliness, so we’re focusing on the brighter end of the spectrum here, with shades of blue that are as serene as they are exciting!

If this is just the balance you were looking for, then the unmatched Paraíba tourmaline is the one for you! Their magnificent brilliant blues are just as enchanting as they are rare. But you also have beautiful, zircon and topaz as alternatives that may deliver equally stunning colours.

Coral Hued Gemstones:

A bespoke creation, entirely unique, featuring a rare coral-hued padparadscha sapphire.

A bespoke creation, entirely unique, featuring a rare coral-hued padparadscha sapphire.

A deeply feminine choice that is a unique combination of pink and orange, coral is symbolic of individuality, warmth, acceptance and positivity, this is likely just the perfect shade for summer! It embodies a solar disposition and uplifting energy of the sweetest things in life. The image that comes to us is one of a lotus flower bathed in the light of a warm sunset. And with that, we cannot help but to make a relation to wonderful padparadscha sapphires! Though lovely morganites are just as equally well suited.

Pink Gemstones:

Custom made ring, with a clustering of marvellous pink gems

Custom made ring, with a clustering of marvellous pink gems.

From Coral to Pink – a perfect graduation! Boasting with a beautiful loving nature, this is the colour to promote harmonious relationships. Offering a multitude of intensity levels, there is certainly a right shade of pink to you. The softer shades are generally linked to romance and delicate personalities, whilst vivid ones are mostly connected to strong feelings of passion and excitement! With an ample range of choice, you may opt for spinels, tourmalines, sapphires and garnets.

Orange Gemstones:

Unique Yin Yang earring design, showcasing the splendour of Mandarin Garnets

Unique Yin Yang earring design, showcasing the splendour of mandarin garnets.

Meant for individuals of generous nature, oranges may be used to intensify their warmness of heart and magnetic energy! This is a shade historically linked to royalty and wealth; as well as being symbolic of prestige and power. Orange is said to allow its wearer to tap into their own brightness, inspiring confidence all around them.

At first choice, we would immediately suggest a magnificent mandarin garnet! But a fire opal is just as intensely warm and completely unique!

Yellow Gemstones:

Stacked rings in delightful shades of yellow, from our ready-made collection.

Stacked rings in delightful shades of yellow, from our ready-made collection.

Last but not least, the one that could not be left out of this compilation: the colour of the sun itself! For the glowy, big personalities! Yellow is purely perfect for people with developed intellect and a radiant quality about them. It brings out natural curiosity and witness, amplifying your power of compelling communication.

On that end, a sun drenched yellow topaz is a marvellous gemstone, and so is a yellow sapphire!

Colours that shine bright also make smiles appear wider. The glow of gold sparkles just a tad more vividly when you are actually happy! Jewellery has an extraordinary ability of offering escapism from mundaneness to the most fantastic realms imaginable!

At last, we would like to welcome you to embark on a unique journey of self discovery through our Bespoke Experience. The exciting part of our designs, to us, is marvelling at how exceptional gemstones and intentional creation can effectively bring out emotions.